From waste to biofuel: Waste-to-fuel technology makes the most of waste

Waste-to-fuel: a new life for waste
Through Syndial, we’ve launched the first pilot plant to produce biofuel from municipal waste (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) in Gela. Eni is thereby erecting another major pillar of a strategy based on the integrated circular economy model. Following the pilot phase, this strategy will lead to the creation of waste-to-fuel plants on an industrial scale, disposing of a great quantity of organic waste through reuse and contributing significant environmental benefits to large urban areas throughout Italy and abroad. Putting the plant into operation marks the first milestone in a process driven by Eni’s own research, undertaken by means of proprietary waste-to-fuel technology, which was tested in Eni’s Renewable Energy and Environmental R&D Centre in Novara. This technology enables the company to make the most of waste converting it into energy: the waste is transformed into bio-oil for use as a component in the production of second-generation biofuel for transport.